MBlog - The Medical Banking Blog

The Medical Banking Project drives lower healthcare costs by researching and facilitating cross-industry models that optimize banking resources for healthcare. Established in May 2001, MBProject consolidates pro-bono, educational and commercial activities initiated by our founder. We are defining the “medical banking” industry through internal research and continuous cross-industry outreach forums.

We are a self-funded and pragmatic think tank comprised of industry leaders, legal analysts, writers and studio production experts who engage in the following activities:

  • Administer cross-industry forums (i.e., Workgroups, Medical Banking Institutes, Medical Banking Policy Forums, The Great American Interoperability Tour™)
  • Provide subject matter expertise (i.e., HFMA; eLearning tools; LexisNexis’ Health Care Law Treatise ; NCVHS testimony) and pro-bono research for policy makers (i.e., CMS, OCR, OCC)
  • Offer strategic advisory services that facilitate broad industry innovations
  • Aggregate our research into a fun, educational and interactive membership portal that contains industry-leading white papers on medical banking topics
  • Actively engage prominent industry leaders in nationally recognized policy webcasts (i.e. HIPAA Policy Roundtables with the “HIPAA Gang”; Telebriefings; etc.)
  • Draft certification and accreditation proposals (i.e., EHNAC "Bank Clearinghouse")
  • Implement Charitable Communities Network - a bank-driven resource that coordinates better community healthcare

Medical banking is brimming with opportunity yet its emergence as a national strategy for containing healthcare costs is a recent industry dynamic that occurred after the Bush Administration let the HIPAA Privacy Rule stand in April 2001. Today, environmental changes have accelerated to cause a major shift in corporate thinking along medical banking lines.

As a facilitator, MBProject works directly with commerce to architect models that optimize “medical banking convergence". This work is supported by our commitment to cross-industry dialogue with policy makers, leaders in commerce and academia, e-health/e-finance innovators, associations and foundations; where we gain an ongoing exchange of ideas that shape and focus our research. Over a period of years we have been able to define an emerging body of best practices that can fundamentally transform healthcare financing and operations.

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