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HIMSS10 8th National Medical Banking Institute Opening Panel: The Healthcare Financial Network of the Future

Moderator: Sheila Schweitzer, Vice President, HIMSS MBProject Advisory Council; Chief Executive Officer, Ingenix/CareMedic, St. Petersburg, FL

Co-moderator: Zahoor Elahi, Vice President and General Manager, Health and Financial Network, FIS Government, Education and Healthcare Solutions, Dallas, TX



Ralph Bernstein, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Payment Solutions, US Bank, Minneapolis, MN

D. Dean Mason, Chief Executive Officer, HSA Bank, Sheboygan, WI

Justin Freeman, Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Product, Manager - Lockbox and Healthcare Products, Wells Fargo, Dallas, TX


Charlie Martin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Vanguard Health Systems, Nashvile, TN

John Mattison, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Chief Medical Information Officer Regional Director, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA


Ernie Clevenger, Chief Executive Officer, CareHere! (former president, SIIA, former persident, WEDI), Brentwood, TN

David M. Gruppo, Business Development Executive, IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY

1) How can providers and payers come together to form an electronic payment process that is transparent, fully accountable and efficient?

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2) In the absence of healthcare reform what should the industry be doing to revolutionize the healthcare financial network? Do consumers play an important role in this (consumer demand)?

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3) How can banks partner with healthcare groups to advance the “health-wealth” paradigm for the consumer?

Standards important. How to achieve? Who maintains? CORE standards example not widely adopted (failed?) MasterCard|Visa model came up with a mapping approach--Which works well for their business case. Incentives (why). Need a process. (Cost of money example; who gets the float?; play the game to get paid; friction costs because of the adversarial relationships). Data showing the difference between cost and price of procedures. Adjudication at time of service would help with catching fraud.

"CEGIS" (sp?) FSA adjudication

Health behaviors data collection (PHRs) to enable analytics to drive the culture of health management (like pension fund managements tools)

HCIA; Subimo

Dean Health is a key financial asset

Radiologists would be a good case study of providers

HIMSS G7 Strategy -- assumes 3 year project

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