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The International Journal of Medical Banking White Paper Submission Requirements


1. The paper must be related to issues that directly affect the medical banking industry

2. The paper must not be a self-promoting or advertising piece

3. Preference is given to original pieces of research

4. The text should be double-spaced and include an abstract, list of milestones and/or deliverables if applicable and the significance of the work.

5. Submissions must be in electronic format (MS Word) and submitted to [email protected].

6. When submitting a white paper please include: company name, author(s) and contact information including email addresses. We are seeking white papers in the following areas:

  • Information privacy, confidentiality and security that focuses on cross-industry issues in banking and healthcare
  • Identity management technology that applies to medical banking programs
  • Community coalition building, community programs & awareness that can be applied to medical banking constituencies
  • Treasury and cash management programs targeting healthcare
  • Card-based platforms and technologies that link healthcare and banking systems
  • New credit programs for healthcare, both consumer and commercial
  • Consumer-driven healthcare technology tools and platforms
  • Open source healthcare programs linking banking and healthcare systems
  • Electronic and Personal Healthcare Records programs linked to banking systems
  • Bank-assisted RHIO programs
  • Independent Health Record Banks/Trusts
  • Banking opportunities in medical tourism
  • Man-made and/or disaster preparedness involving medical banking systems
  • Community care platforms linking consumers with healthcare programs in the local area using automated eligibility and funds transfer platforms

The 2nd edition of the Journal will be distributed to attendees of the 7th National Medical Banking Institute tentatively scheduled to occur in New Orleans, LA in April 2009. If you have any questions please feel free to contact MBProject offices by email using: [email protected].

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