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James F. Kragh

James F. Kragh
Founder, President & CEO
Good Health Network, Inc.

James F. Kragh is the Founder, President and CEO of Good Health Network, Inc. He has over 15 years experience at the national level in the standards-setting process for automated patient health records, related security and privacy issues, and has served on standards committees that impact HIPAA. During 2001-2004 he served on the ASTM E31 Healthcare Informatics Executive Committee and chaired the subcommittee for Healthcare Standards Education and Promotion. Mr. Kragh’s intimate involvement in standards development and insights into medical security requirements has resulted in the unique design of GHN’s Trusted Health Information Services. He currently serves on three ASTM subcommittees: E31.28 Continuity of Care Record, ASTM E31.19 Computer Health Records / Clinical Data Integrity, and ASTM E31.20 Access, Authentication & Privacy of Computer Health Information. In addition, Mr. Kragh is a member of HL-7 and in 2005 co-chaired the EHR Privacy and Security Expert Panel, functioning under HL-7 HER TC. The purpose of this committee was to identify key EHR system functions and related PHR functions which support/ensure health record privacy, confidentiality and security for both physicians and patients. Mr. Kragh is also a member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), which is very supportive of the development process of healthcare standards and has taken a national leadership role in forming a commission to certify standards-based electronic health records. Mr. Kragh currently serves on the Security Workgroup of the Governor’s Health Information Infrastructure Advisory Board (Florida). Mr. Kragh was a contributing editor to the Security Workgroup’s White Paper on Network Security for the Florida Health Information Network (FHIN) and the RHIO architecture of the FHIN. In 2003-2004, Good Health Network, under Mr. Kragh’s leadership, participated in a Florida Medicaid Wireless Pharmacology Project that was negotiated by Gold Standard Multimedia. The project enabled physicians using wireless “Smart Phones” (Sprint) to securely access the past 90-day prescription history of their Medicaid patients. As part of the project, GHN implemented its security solutions, provisioned and deployed the Smart Phones with face-to-face digital certificate credentialing, and provided end-user training as well as Help Desk Services and Support. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kragh served as vice president of a major bank holding company in deploying an ATM network.

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