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5th Medical Banking Institute - Day One Post 1

Posted by ED Wednesday a.m.

Yesterday BP Fulmer, President, Medical Banking Institute and the Executive Director of Commercial EDI Services, ACS, greeted the over 150 participants here in his stomping grounds of Atlanta at the Marietta Conference Center & Resort in Marietta, GA. The registration activity leading up to the event  was especially heavy the last few weeks. Later in the day BP was honored as one of two Medical Banking Persons of the Year by John Casillas, the Founder and Executive Director of the Medical Banking Project and the Chair of the Institute. ( Joe Fortuna was the other ).

BP's comments went something like this:

Welcome to the Fifth National Medical Banking Institute.  We hope this will be a unique learning and networking experience for you.

Many hours of work have been put into the planning and development of this program.  The leadership and staff of the Medical Banking Project and the members of the President’s Council, particularly the Education and Programming Subcommittee chaired by Maureen Turo, have provided guidance and direction in defining the focus and scope of the topics that will be explored and the speakers you will be hearing.

We have drawn on the knowledge of many industry experts from all sectors of the market including banking, healthcare providers, payer organizations, large employers and vendors. I am certain there is no other conference or seminar available that will provide you with this broad range of learning opportunities.

Medical Banking is in its formative stage of development today. Your presence signifies that you and the organizations represented here are progressive thought leaders that can truly have an influence on streamlining the healthcare revenue cycle as well as the delivery of healthcare data that will improve our system.

We believe that, together with you, we can shape the development of this exciting new frontier.

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