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WELCOME to the first edition of MBlog!

You've found the spot where we will follow annoucements at the 5th National Medical Banking Institute and publish interviews with industry leaders. Through high value working sessions, the Institute sets the national agenda for what is coming down the pike in the new field of Medical Banking. We are directing all of our press contacts to MBlog for the latest information.

Some of the innovations we'll be exploring via interviews with conference attendees include real time payment in healthcare, bank-driven electronic healthcare (which can save lives), best practices in bank-driven revenue cycle management (shaving $35 billion annually off the paper chase), new work between pharmaceuticals and banks that will improve healthcare and much more. Hear about Dr. HSA's plan for better pricing transparency and learn about critical privacy and confidentiality issues that we must embrace if we are to seriously contemplate a digital ecosystem in healthcare.

It'll all be posted here so stay tuned!

I want to thank our "resident blogger" - Ed Dodds - for making this site possible and providing content management assistance. Ed, founder of the Congmergence blog, has instigated multiple relationships for MBProject because of his sheer passion for this topic. We appreciate his help to make the "Medical Banking Blog" a reality.

Coming soon: Interviews with Dean Mason, President of Exante Bank, the 5th National Medical Banking Institute's Educational Grantor; Roy Ramthun, former economic advisor to the Bush Administration; BP Fulmer, president of the Institute and facilitator of MBProject's new President's Council; and more...

John Casillas
Founder of MBProject and the National Medical Banking Institute series

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